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Why CLQ Business?

Executive Summary

‌Malaysia is a growing country, so industries like agriculture, construction, and industrial services have a great need of foreign manpower, especially in “3D” jobs, jobs that are: Dangerous, Dirty and Difficult. Accommodation is essential for these foreign workers, as owning or renting a local home for their work is inconvenient and frustrating. Without a solution, workers can be left homeless, which is morally and ethically wrong.

We take this opportunity to provide Centralised Labour Quarters (CLQ).

By providing CLQ to workers, we will resolve problems for developers in relation to foreign labour worker accommodations, along with additional services such as transportation and food.

Worker Stay Solution

Our “Worker Stay Solution” concept will provide housing and better living conditions to foreign workers in Malaysia. With approximately 2 million foreign workers registered under the Temporary Visiting Work Permit (Pas Lawatan Kerja Sementara), there is a huge market for accommodation for these workers.


The new concept of CLQ will eventually will become the model of all development projects in Malaysia towards develop country.

Because of this, CLQ will ensure no workers are left worrying for where to sleep at night again.

Figure 1

‌By looking at the statistics in Figure 1, the potential of worker’s accommodations is huge. With our new concept CLQ, we provide a smart solution for factory owners which will ease troubles about their worker’s accommodation, transportation and others daily needs.

Worker’s accommodations should comply with the ISO standard and the Local Municipal Council. CLQ will provide that, along with gated and guarded security. This ensures safety and comfort for the foreign workers, boosting morale and easing the company’s management of the workers.

The concept of CLQ will eventually become the model of all development projects in Malaysia.

About Us
Company Profile

Fortune Victoria Management Sdn Bhd was founded by Mr. Kaw Hon Kee in 2007 to provide worker’s accommodations to factory and construction workers in Malaysia, with the 2nd Home Concept.

This idea was born from Mr. Kaw Hon Kee’s beliefs in human rights and equality without prejudice. Hence, Fortune Victoria Management Sdn Bhd was formed to increase quality of life within a workers’ living environment and personal needs, which would work hand in hand to increase productivity and morale.

Fortune Victoria Management Sdn Bhd has provided Centralized Labour Quarters (CLQ) for several well-known contractors and companies, such as Sime Darby and Setia Bhd Group. These years of experience in managing CLQ for clients has resulted in excellent quality and service provided.

Our mission: To provide high quality workers’ accommodations.

Our vision: To create a better and safer living condition for Malaysian foreign workers.

Our Proud Partners

Our Business

Fortunes Victoria Management Sdn Bhd aims to design and build 100 CLQ units in Malaysia that comply with the ISO Standard within 5 years.

Accommodation Worker Stay Solution (WSS)

Along with CLQ, we will launch a card system with server, to monitor and manage our worker’s occupancy and daily activities. Our company’s pan in the future is to develop an app to link up all CLQ in Malaysia.

Transportation Solution

Our Worker Stay Solution (WSS) often comes with transportation requirements that border RM100,000 per CLQ upon full capacity. Our company’s plan in the future is to have our own buses, vans, and workshops, to increase efficiency and save costs.

Manpower Supply Solution (MSS)

Our Manpower Supply Solution (MSS) application aims to monitor overtime, wages, and manpower requests from different districts and areas. This app will pick up ad-hoc requests in a timely fashion, and build a good relationship with worker, company, and client.

Our foreign workers deserve homes. Stay Better, Eat Better, and Work Better.